Radical Anarchist Dangerous Sisters – we are a queer-feminist anarchist bicycle gang and a collective of/for FLINTQ* persons

Everything sucks.

The way that cities are created and maintained mirrors the patriarchal capitalist society we have to live in. It’s a constant punch in the face. The freedom of movement is not only restricted by national laws, but the freedom of movement through and in the city is restricted by policies that privilege certain groups.

The bicycle is our tool to claim independence. We take space on the streets as part of our feminist politics. The struggle on the road: the city being choked up by big fancy cars; the StVO**, actually made for cars and applied to cyclists; the recent changes in Austrian politics that privilege cars over bikes. This struggle is an analogy to our feminist struggle in daily life. Sexism is an ingrained part of Austrian society; FLINTQ* persons and migrants are discriminated by law and institutions, especially when it comes to reproductive health; the Austrian government that shits on*** feminist achievements.

Feminism is our tool to claim independence.

BIKES, not all the time, but ANARCHA QUEER FEMINISM all the time. This brings us together. As individuals we may have different approaches, but as a collective we respect that and work together. Solidarity is our tool to claim independence.

We channel our rage and put our motivation into our activism. We organize bike repair workshops, to empower FLINTQ* persons in do-it-yourself / do-it-together bike repair. We organize lunar rides at full moon, where we actively ride the city streets together, LOUD and VISIBLE. We organize screenings, discussions and other workshops, like street art and verbal self defense, to build a feminist and radical mindset in the places we move. The world is fucked up and we are angry about it. Still, we find joy in our activism and in celebrating as a part of our resistance.

We oppose the neoliberal sexist society by practising feminism and solidarity. Our values are challenged by the capitalist patriarchal system, that is taking our ressources, our time and the capacity to do the kind of work that we actually want to do and to live free and autonomous. This is not the only problem we face. Even in the left scene there is confusion about the need for feminism. We are missing allies that understand and respect feminist gangs and FLINTQ* groups and their problems (we know, RIGHT?!). RADS is a strategy to balance out an unbalanced world, to create mobile safe spaces in static male dominated areas. We would like to encourage feminists everywhere to form gangs!

it’s so much better to have a queer-feminist bike gang than to have none!

* FLINTQ stands for femme, lesbian, inter-sex, non-binary, trans, queer ** Traffic regulations *** not only ignores, but works to actively harm