BIKE REPAIR WORKSHOP and HANGOUT // FLINTA* black Brown Indigenous PoC ONLY !!


Bikeworkshop and space for FLINTA* black Brown Indigenous Poc ONLY !!

is created in the BIKEKITCHEN vienna : Goldschalgstrasse 8, 1150

Stay tuned for upcoming dated ! we try to make it as regular as possible every month ! lets hangout together and repair our bikes !!



Do it your self and do it together workshop

for Black*Brown*Indigenous*FLINTA PoC only !!

save the dates !! 17.05. and 21.6. // 4pm // @ bikekitchen //
goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 vienna

Come tested ! wear a mask ! we do it outside when the weather is nice!

please register before so we know how many people will come 🙂