claim the streets on 8th of march!!
we will meet at the feminist strike at ex-karlsplatz starting at 2pm.
from there we will start 4:30pm a flinta*only critical mass bike ride through the streets of vienna. bring your bike, bike lights and wear a mask.
we will end at the ending point of the take back the streets demo 7:30 pm in sigmund-freud park.
13th of march we squat a garage with a flinta*-only bike basics workshop – the place has a roof, but is open to the sides. workshop with mask and distance, registration via mail (check flyer).
if you cannot attend this one, we will have another bike repair workshop when it is more warm at the bikekitchen. you can also pre-register for that.
we also want to invite you on the 28th to a flinta*-only  street art workshop at donaukanal, where we can make a piece together (wearing masks and keeping distance).
afterwards you can join our first lunar ride this year! flinta*-only nightride to places <3
you can also pre-register for our grrrrls*polo event – happening as soon as we can use our training area!

see you on the streets <3
everyday is 8th of march!